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Spencer Parker, general manager-North America at Process Vision. (Image source: Process Vision)

Monitoring solutions company Process Vision will be presenting a paper titled 'Detection of Contamination in Gas Pipelines' at CEESI Gas Ultrasonic Meter User’s Conference 2024 in Colorado 

“The paper I am presenting will share multiple videos of real-world installations and, with the knowledge gained, provide a circular argument where allowing liquids to pass into gas transmission networks leads to lost revenue for the gas processor, increased operational costs on the transmission system operator and poses serious safety threats," said Spencer Parker, general manager-North America at Process Vision

“Two-phase flow in sales quality gas is considered a fault condition. Ensuring that liquids are avoided or filtered in analyser sample systems will protect gas analysers but can lead process engineers to be unaware when these liquids are present, allowing liquids to pass through custody transfer points without tripping alarms and contaminating gas transmission systems,” he added.

Gas sample from the pipeline is significant to ensure long-term, reliable service from gas ultrasonic meters. Designed to closely detect high-pressure situations in gas pipelines, Process Vision's tech solution has come to the conclusion that phase separation and natural gas liquids (NGL) recovery systems do not necessarily perform to specification. In an earlier presentation, Paul Stockwell, founder and managing director of Process Vision, had explained how errors in hydrocarbon dewpoint can lead to large losses for gas processing. Process Vision's model can record live streaming of the pipeline's internal situiation, which can be accessed from a control room. 

LineVu demonstration

Process Vision will also be exhibiting its latest development for liquid carryover studies -- Discovery System. 

In a demo installation, Process Vision's LineVu will be deployed for pipeline assesment to determine liquid carryover problems. Remote access to a real-time dashboard will provide data by the minute, which will serve as the basis for better decisions, resulting to significant improvement in financial, safety and compliance performance. 

The LineVu process camera, which was launched in February, boasts of accurate liquid carryover monitoring in gas pipelines

"We are excited to participate at CEESI and to be able to introduce attendees to the capabilities of LineVu and our Discovery System for their high-pressure gas pipelines," said Parker. "Our system's ability to provide live streaming and high-resolution video combined with our proprietary machine learning models enables proactive monitoring of glycol and NGL carryover, leading to increased revenue for processing plants and reduced maintenance costs for transmission system operators."