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Process Vision to present paper on gas processing at LRGCC 2024

Founder and managing director of Process Vision, Paul Stockwell, will be presenting a paper at the Laurence Reid Gas Conditioning Conference, Norman, Oklahoma, USA this month 

With more than 35 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, Stockwell is an expert in the field of dewpoint measurement and moisture analysis. 

The paper, 'Errors in hydrocarbon dewpoint can lead to large losses for gas processing', will explore how new technology is enabling live streaming from inside the gas pipeline to be available in the control room. It will also present instances of how wet gas or a mixed-phase flow can be present in export gas even when the hydrocarbon and water dewpoint systems report that the gas is dry. With the ability to look directly into high-pressure gas pipelines, this paper provides evidence of how this new technology is discovering that phase separation and NGL recovery systems are not necessarily performing to specification.

Stockwell will share videos of real-world installations and, with the knowledge gained, explore aspects of API 14.1 that allow liquids to pass into gas transmission networks and lead to large losses of revenue for the gas processor, increased operational costs on the transmission system operator and pose serious safety threats. Calculations of errors caused by wet gas in the two fiscal measurements of flow and calorific value will also be presented.

"With the ability to look directly into high-pressure gas pipelines, this new technology is transforming the industry and providing a deeper understanding of the problem areas in gas systems," said Stockwell. "I am honoured to have the opportunity to share our findings and insights with the Laurence Reid community and help drive progress in the industry."

Process Vision is dedicated to revolutionising the energy industry with cutting-edge vision technology and innovative solutions. The company provides real-time monitoring and expert advice to improve reliability and efficiency in pipeline operations and reduce the risk of equipment failure or shutdowns.