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Geology & Geophysics

The latest in a series of PGS surveys offshore Egypt will enable better understanding of shelfal and transform margin potential at the western extremity of Egypt’s offshore area 

Depth reprocessing of the ANG Block 16 MC3D GeoStreamer dataset in the Lower Congo Basin is focusing on deeper exploration targets 

Getech, a world-leading locator of subsurface resources, has signed an agreement with LIAG (Leibniz Institute for Applied Geophysics), a partner in the HyAfrica consortium, to accelerate the exploration and development of natural hydrogen resources in Africa 

PGS has increased regional coverage of its Congo Vision dataset by targeting deepwater open acreage and facilitating an improved understanding of the prospectivity 

Perenco Congo and Congorep, the joint venture company between Perenco and Société Nationale des Pétroles du Congo (the national petroleum company of the Republic of Congo, SNPC), both major players in hydrocarbon production in the Republic of Congo, confirmed that they have completed a successful 3D seismic acquisition campaign off the Congolese coast 

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