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Wellmann Group has succesfully performed the transportation of the heaviest oil and gas structure ever manufactured in Nigeria


The company supplies on-site transport and weighing services to the Guinean Gulf region and this feat, in which a 3.340-ton topside was moved on four groups of synchronised modular trailers, took place in conjunction with other leading companies. With the benefit of Nigerian local content law, the platform topside was manufactured by Nigerdock for their client, Chevron. Nicolas MHD SP provided the modular trailers which had 128 axle lines.

Once the trailer was put in place by the Wellmann team, the topside was lashed to the tailers and lifted from its fabrication foundations. These were welded onto the barge during the night and, the next morning, the load was driven towards the jetty. When the tide made it possible, the Nicolas MHD SP modules were driven across the the ramp and carefully rolled onto the ballasted barge. One after another, the trailers' axle reached the barge's surface, synchronised with the deballasting operations. At the end of the day, the topside was laying again on its original supporting foundations.