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Forum Energy Technologies (FET), an international oilfield products company, has entered into a partnership with iSURVEY group, to supply its latest VisualSoft vessel installation system on the NKT Victoria, which is the world’s most advanced cable laying support vessel

As per the agreement, Forum will supply two VisualSoft four channel high definition digital video systems (VisualDVR MCHD) to iSURVEY Group, a survey and positioning services provider to the global oil and gas and telecommunications sectors.

The VisualSoft range’s first vessel installation is set to be utilised on the NKT Victoria at Moray Firth in Northern Scotland.

The NKT Victoria is a top-of-the-range diesel electric vessel with 1600 sq m of deck space and two large offshore cranes.

Commenting on the deal, Forum said that the high capacity cable lay system features a battery energy storage system to assist the cable loading in case there is a failure in the shoreside electrical power supply during loading.

The company further explained that the VisualSoft suite is a modular range of software applications designed with an aim to use during subsea structure and pipeline inspections.

In addition, the VisualDVR MCHD system is expected to provide the project team with up to four channels of high definition video recording system along with built in dynamic overlay as well as the ability to distribute live video and overlay channels without additional hardware.

Forum added that the video files are recorded using H.264 encoding in order to reach optimum storage efficiency and playback compatibility.

Kenneth Leverskjaer, project manager at iSURVEY, said, “We have great expectations to the VisualSoft system, and are looking forward to further develop the strategic relationship with FORUM Energy Technologies as provider.”

The caithness Moray high voltage direct current (HVDC) project in Northern Scotland is the largest investment in north Scotland’s electricity network. The project aims to help the country’s transition towards a low carbon economy, carrying up to 1,200MW of electricity, which is equivalent to the electricity needs of around 2,000,000 Scottish people.