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The wide-range capabilities of the systems enable continuous operation over a broader range of production conditions. (Image source: SLB)

SLB's advanced artificial lift systems, Reda Agile compact wide-range electric submersible pump (ESP) and the rodless Reda PowerEdge electric submersible progressing cavity pump (ESPCP), comes with uninterrupted live surveillance and real-time optimisation 

Other features that differentiates it include faster installation and production capability, and low power consumption, operating costs, and less CO2 emissions by atleast 55%.

With a rodless alternative for low-flow production rates in mature conventional and unconventional wells, these system offer a lot more than traditional PCP systems. While highly resistant to aromatics, they can also withstand high temperatures at different pump speeds and intake pressures. 

The rodless alternative also reduces workovers and production deferments unlike the demanding nature of rod lift installation in unconventional wells.

The Agile ESP system's light and compact design allows it to conquer deeper well depths than most ESPs on the market. Operators do not have to worry about replacing the ESP as frequently due to its wide operating range.

Covering wide range of production conditions

“The wide-range capabilities of these two systems enable continuous operation over a broader range of production conditions than any artificial lift system currently on the market,” said Ernesto Cuadros, artificial lift business line director, SLB. “Their innovative designs also enable more efficient deployment through reduced installation time and improved proximity to the reservoir. SLB has committed to innovating the most efficient technology solutions on the market, driving both customer performance and lower carbon operations.”