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Sercel has released a new and enhanced version of TriggerFish, its real-time navigation and data acquisition system for flexible control over a distributed fleet of vessels during acquisition of transition zone, OBC, node and 2D streamer seismic surveys.


Since its deployment in the field in late 2010, the new TriggerFish 1.7 has enabled customers to benefit from productivity-boosting features such as Multi Shooter/Multi Recorder, Advanced Radio Communications and Fleet Synchronisation. The system’s multi-vessel function is scalable to allow up to four vessels per radio link, providing improved flexibility and increased productivity.

Additional safety features are provided through enhanced mapping functionality which includes the Zone Incursion and Proximity Alarm System. These unprecedented safety features are integrated into TriggerFish 1.7 and available across the fleet of vessels without the need for expensive add-on modules.


TriggerFish 1.7 also delivers significant operational advantages. The need for fewer operators reduces the cost of operations and longer radio network ranges enable more advanced survey designs using larger seabed receiver patterns, longer streamers, and longer wide-azimuth offsets.

Hugh Shields, Manager, OBC & Transition Zone, Geokinetcs, stated: “Geokinetics find Triggerfish 1.7 ideally suited for our transition zone operations. This is based no the user-friendly nature of the system, the minimal hardware requirements and the cost-effectiveness per unit, which is particularly relevant when considering multi-vessel fleets.”