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Romanian company Syscom-18 delivers metering stations that could help oil and gas companies in Africa sustain production

As the prices for gasoline and natural gas decreased dramatically in the last two years, instrumentation and process control companies such as Syscom-18 are looking to sustain production by delivering reliable systems at affordable costs for oil and gas companies in Africa and all over the world.

Syscom18 fiscal metering stations are used in most of the underground natural gas storage facilities in Romania, the company’s country of origin. According to the company, these stations measure natural gas very accurately during the injection and extraction phases. Syscom-18 equipped fiscal gas metering stations for Bulgartransgaz, the Bulgarian national company, a part of Romania–Bulgaria interconnection project. Syscom-18 also established the natural gas metering station Ungheni within the Romania–Republic of Moldova interconnection pipeline project. The capacity of the plant is 1.5bn cu/m per year, with three 12-inches measuring lines, as well as a control line of the same dimensions.

Syscom-18 has installed and delivered more than 300 metering skids in the Middle East and Africa including countries such as Oman, UAE, Iran, Iraq, Bahrain, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Libya, Jordan, Congo and Algeria. Syscom-18 manufactures mass or volume based skids for all kind of oil products, for trucks, wagons or pipelines.

Syscom-18 has been approved by the Measuring Instruments Directive 2004/22/EC (MID) and has invested in a new calibration facility, which allows the company to complete tests and calibrations in its own factory.