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Quantum and Interica have announced a joint solution which enables oil and gas organisations to add cloud archive storage to their exploration workflows

Interica has certified Quantum Lattus private cloud object storage for use as an S3 storage target with Project Archive and Retrieval System (PARS), Interica’s advanced project data management solution. The combined solution lowers costs, improves data access and streamlines storage to achieve greater operational efficiency, helping companies confront data growth and tight budgets. 

Effective exploration for oil and gas generates vast pools of extremely valuable data which must be managed properly. Exploration and production projects incorporate data characterised by a rich variety of sources, locations and file types. Preserving this data requires that it is organised, available, accurate, and enduring across time and technology changes.

Quantum’s Lattus private cloud object storage is designed to meet those objectives. It is a self-protecting, self-healing solution that uses 10TB low-power HDDs and cost-effectively scales from 100TB to hundreds of petabytes to deliver cost-efficient capacity, data protection and resiliency with a simple-to-operate, simple-to-scale private cloud architecture. Trusted by the oil and gas exploration industry for over 15 years, PARS® enables companies to manage complex digital content for long-term knowledge retention, compliance, and storage.

The combination of Lattus and PARS® enables users to leverage the benefits of cloud technology to preserve this data without the uncertainty and vulnerability of public cloud services and also offers a number of other unique strengths: Scale: Seamlessly scales capacity to hundreds of petabytes and independently scales performance to match usage requirements; Durability: Provides continuous data integrity checking and self-healing, for resilience against device failure and site disaster; Safety and security: Offers the scalability of public cloud, without the risks and unknowns; Cost-effective: Results in low, predictable operating costs independent of data access patterns; Availability: Keeps all project data organised and accessible and clears out the clutter and duplicate storage to protect corporate assets and reduce risk.

Simon Kendall, CEO, Interica commented: “With the massive changes being seen in the oil and gas industry, Quantum was the first storage provider to recognise the opportunity in working with Interica to deliver cost-effective, operationally efficient data retention and protection. In this rapidly developing market, Interica was pleased to collaborate with Quantum by developing an S3 destination to support Lattus object storage. Because Interica foresees almost all major international oil and gas companies testing or migrating to object storage, this relationship allows us to provide a certified and proven solution to the industry.”