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The oil and gas industry downturn has created opportunities for Friburge, an Angola-based services company

Speaking to Oil Review Africa, Dalila Iddrissu, Friburge’s business development manager, said that the company is benefiting from the combination of low oil price climate as well as governments introducing more stringent environmental regulations. 

“We’re small so we’re nimble, we have no huge capex,” Ms Iddrissu told Oil Review Africa.

Ms Iddrissu referred to an Angolan government directive in regard to water discharges and explained that Friburge is offering offshore operators new water treatment technology whereby the process happens in situ. The water is treated offshore via centrifuge and CTU methods and, when it is safe for discharge, it is released into the sea, saving onshore transport and treating costs. 

The opportunity for operators to simultaneously lower costs and meet environmental regulations makes Friburge’s services very attractive, according to Ms Iddrissu.

“Companies are more open to new technology and are more open to talking to us, it gives us that foot in the door,” she said.