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Haldor Topsoe has launched a new nickel molybdenum catalyst HyBRIM with 25 percent improved activity for both nitrogen and sulphur removal to improve diesel and hydrocracking unit performance

The new product aims to allow refiners to process more severe feeds, increase cycle lengths by several months, achieve larger volume swells, or maximise unit throughput. The company commented that the product’s high activity offers new possibilities to either increase profitability of high-pressure ultra-low sulphur diesel production from heavy feed stocks or to guarantee a superior pre-treatment for the hydrocracking unit. HyBRIM also supports profitability by substantially improving the cetane number of the final product.

The product utilises BRIM technology with an improved catalyst preparation step, which leads to optimal interaction between the active metal structures and the catalyst carrier, thereby increasing activity while delivering the same high stability.

The improved activity for nitrogen removal lowers the nitrogen slip from the pre-treatment step to the second stage in the hydrocracker and this leads to an overall improvement in hydrocracking unit performance.

The new product, TK-611, is the successor to TK-609 of the HyBRIM series. All HyBRIM catalysts are produced at Topsoe’s ISO-certified and REACH compliant manufacturing sites.