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Siemens Energy recently launched a new industrial gas turbine in Finspång, Sweden.p style="margin-bottom: 0cm;">Siemens Energy recently launched a new industrial gas turbine in Finspång, Sweden.

With a capacity of 37 megawatts (MW), the SGT-750 will close a gap in the Siemens industrial gas turbine portfolio, which offers a power range between 5 and 50 MW. This versatile machine can be employed both for power generation and as a mechanical drive. The new development provides economic viability and ecofriendliness as well as a high level of availability and reliability.

This new Siemens industrial gas turbine is a twin-shaft turbine and attains an efficiency level of 40 per cent as mechanical drive. The new machine offers outstanding serviceability. Maintenance work can be performed on site on the installed machine, thus minimizing downtime. Maintenance downtimes for this machine have been cut to a mere 17 days in 17 years. Long service intervals, rapid gas generator exchange and easy access for borescope inspection all guarantee optimized availability.

Maximized dependability is also ensured by using proven components from other gas turbines in the Siemens fleet. The burners, for example, are based on technology with a proven track record. Thanks to the machine's dry low emission (DLE) combustion system, NOx emissions are minimized. The turbine's high exhaust energy provides for an excellent efficiency level when used in cogeneration or combined cycle power plants, resulting in low fuel consumption and allowing CO2 emissions to be reduced.

Market prospects for the new industrial gas turbine are excellent. Siemens foresees a marked increase in demand for gas turbines with ratings between 35 and 40 MW up to 2020. "The outstanding level of availability, reliability and service-friendliness of this gas turbine is based on intensive engineering, a wealth of experience and proven technology," stated Markus Tacke, CEO of the Industrial Power Business Unit at Siemens. “This machine will provide our customers with a product with a maximized lifetime," added Tacke.