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Rapid analytics of mud properties during the drilling of oil and gas wells is provided by the latest hand sized technology from Salunda 

As an alternative to conventional report and titration testing, Salunda has released the MudChecker drilling mud analyser. The battery powered MudChecker is the first electronic diagnostic device of its type. 

The primary use for the Salunda MudChecker is to deliver fast, simple and accurate measurements of the oil, water, solid and salt content of drilling fluids. This is crucial to the oil and gas sector as the drilling fluid systems require constant analysis in order to provide constant performance across the exploration. 

The MudChecker is designed to be a compact, rugged and solid-state tester that can be deployed quickly on site to deliver accurate and consistent data about the mud properties that are crucial to safe and fast drilling, minimising wasted time and money. 

MudChecker features an integral sensor probe that is used to test a sample to provide an accurate, real time in-field measurement of mud fluid content quicker than alternative testing procedures.

More information on the Salunda MudChecker can be found on their website, as well as a short explanatory video. All that information can be viewed here