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Angola-based Azule Energy – a standalone integrated energy company combining the local assets of bp and Eni – will use FieldTwin to develop and accelerate four of its projects in the region 

This includes the Agogo Integrated West Hub Development Project - widely recognised as one of the major upstream projects being developed in Angola with approximately 1 bn barrels estimated reserves and the potential to reach peak production of 175,000 barrels a day.

The contract builds on FutureOn’s longstanding relationship with both bp and Eni. Working with global operators, the FieldTwin platform has emerged as a critical technology in the energy sector’s digital toolbox, with a proven track record of enabling collaborative and integrated working, accelerating timelines, achieving cost efficiencies and de-risking activities across the life cycle of assets.

Andreas Hoel Gaarder, vice president Middle East and Asia Pacific at FutureOn, said Azule Energy’s adoption of FieldTwin puts the company at the forefront of digital leadership in the region.

“The greatest challenge currently facing the energy sector is the expectation to deliver efficient and effective projects with less resources. Project teams are leaner than ever before, yet the pressure to produce more work – and to produce it quickly – has never been greater. FieldTwin solves this challenge, enabling dispersed project teams to create collaborative working environments where they can accelerate outcomes, reduce costs and de-risk operations,” he said.

“FieldTwin excels when used for the development of deep water brownfield expansions and developments like those being pioneered by Azule Energy. Angola is poised for significant investment in deep water projects to support continued growth of oil production, which has increased year on year since 2021. We anticipate this contract – FutureOn’s first in West Africa – could create a ripple effect for further adoption of FieldTwin across the local supply chain.”

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