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This project exemplifies how Halliburton’s open architecture can drive future growth in the oil and gas industry. (Image source: AIQ/Halliburton)

Leveraging Halliburton's global reputation, Abu Dhabi-based energy tech provider AIQ has partnered with the oil service company's open architecture platform Landmark to expand access of its RoboWell autonomous well control (AWC) solution 

"The combination of AIQ’s AI technology and Halliburton’s extensive industry expertise will help enable greater efficiency and maximise value for our customers’ assets," said Nagaraj Srinivasan, senior vice president, Landmark, Halliburton Digital Solutions, and Consulting. “This project exemplifies how Halliburton’s open architecture can help support enhanced efficiency, optimised operations, and drive future growth in the oil and gas industry." 

Speaking of Halliburton’s extensive industry expertise, the company is providing complete solutions to construct exploration and appraisal wells, along with testing services for Rhino Resources in Namibia.

Strategic step

Especially designed for gas lifted wells, RoboWell enables autonomous well operations to maximise production within specified conditions. The AI-supported advanced process control solution, which already has a market presence, boasts of a record achievement by up to 30% optimisation in gas lift consumption, with increased production of existing wells by 5%. Its well stability goals attained through real-time data utilisation also promotes not only good HSE practices but also reduced CO2 emissions. 

AIQ CEO, Christopher Cooper said, "This collaboration will help progress our shared vision of how advanced AI solutions can transform the energy industry globally. Collaborating with Halliburton is part of AIQ’s wider strategy to accelerate the availability of our transformative AI products globally to support the sector through autonomous and other AI-based innovations." 

The power of collaboration in accelerating decarbonisation in oil and gas was also acknowledged by Tarek Rizk, president for the MENA region for SLB on the occassion of AIQ's Advanced Reservoir 360 launch

The RoboWell solution will now be made available through Halliburton’s Landmark iEnergy hybrid cloud to customers worldwide. 

Landmark’s iEnergy is designed to deploy, integrate, and manage sophisticated exploration and production (E&P) applications, and connect assets in public or private cloud environments.