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Swedish Transit specialist Roxtec has extended its range of plastic pipe seals to meet the demand for high-quality light-weight aluminum solutions in the marine and offshore sector

The Roxtec Sleev-it™ penetration seals are available both in steel and with aluminum flange – for use in aluminum decks and bulkheads.

The increasing use of aluminum structures in shipbuilding is based on requirements for lower weight, reduced fuel consumption and higher speed. Ships and vessels made in aluminum are also likely to ensure better manoeuvrability and lower cost for lifecycle maintenance and ownership. The new seals from Roxtec are expected to be frequently used on cruise liners and high-speed ferries as well as on LNG carriers.

Certified protection

Supplying shipyards worldwide, Roxtec continuously strives to develop sealing solutions that add value. The addition of Roxtec Sleev-it™ penetration seals with flanges in aluminum is yet another example. The seals for aluminum structures are approved for both A-60 and A-0 fire rated divisions and type approval certificates are now available. The waterproof version is also approved for one bar water-tightness and 0.67 bar gas-tightness.

Seals for plastic pipes

The Roxtec Sleev-it™ Fire penetration seal contains intumescent material which effectively closes off the plastic pipe penetration in case of fire. It can be used for both new-build and retrofit projects.

The Roxtec Sleev-it™ Waterproof penetration seal has similar properties but includes a rubber grommet for protection against gas and water. The seals are ideal for pipe penetrations above the waterline onboard various ships and vessels. They are light-weight and easy to install from one side of the deck or bulkhead.