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Emerson has launched RoxarTM RMS 11, the latest version of its reservoir characterization software, aiming to provide an end-to-end exploration and production (E&P) solution to the oil and gas operators

The software includes a set of tools for developing more interactive reservoir modelling, facies modelling and unified tools for channelised reservoirs and region definition.

The suite comes with a new plug-in technology designed to ensure that RMS 11 is placed for future web and cloud-enabled workflows and remains one of the most open and flexible reservoir characterisation solutions in the industry.

“Roxar RMS 11 is all about the users - enabling them to work smarter and get the reservoir modelling results and decision-making intelligence they need in less time,” said Kjetil Fagervik, vice-president of Roxar Software product development and marketing, Emerson Automation Solutions.

“In putting innovation at the heart of the reservoir modelling workflow, users can look forward to a fully open, highly automated interactive reservoir modelling solution, leading to better and faster decisions and the very best information for future drilling, production and field development strategies,” Fagervik added.

Major features of Roxar RMS 11 include:

· A new intuitive graphical user interface for the facies modelling of channelised reservoirs as well as smarter algorithms, less iterations and more flexible geometries - making well conditioning easier to achieve and delivering improved results in less time. RMS 11 also includes new tools to control volume fractions when modelling facies in facies associations.

· Unified and integrated concepts for describing and defining regions, geometries and attributes in structural and grid models. Users can incorporate a combination of region geometries and attributes in modelling - for instance in map generation, volumetrics and flow-model building.

· An improved user experience including a more flexible and faster data tree, new navigation and visualisation editing tools to Emerson’s Model-Driven Interpretation (MDI) tools, a new well event creation job that simplifies the generation of well data for flow simulations and extended user-control in the generation of multi-segmented well data for flow simulations.

· A new technology plug-in that extends RMS 11’s functionality and positions it for future web and cloud-enabled workflows; enhancements to the Roxar Application Programing Interface (API) that allows operators to integrate their own intellectual property into reservoir modeling workflows, extensions to PetrelTM I/O tools and new features to improve data transfer between Roxar RMS and flow simulators.