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Norway-based Cubility AS, a leading provider of solids control solutions that improve efficiencies, solids control and HSE around drilling operations, has launched the MudCube® X solids control solution

Building on the capabilities of the MudCube as a field-proven, suction-based, solids control alternative to vibrating shale shakers, the MudCube X aims to easily integrate all rig designs. It further allows a fast installation and maintenance so that the MudCube X is up and running and delivers immediate value to customer operations and rapid ROI.

The MudCube X is engineered to allow for local manufacturing and assembly worldwide, providing the benefits of greater drilling efficiencies and unparalleled HSE performance to operators and drilling contractors globally.

Even Gjesdal, CEO of Cubility, said, “The result is even greater applicability, flexibility and efficiencies, a driving down of costs and an almost immediate impact on the bottom line and a MudCube X solution that is accessible worldwide.”

The MudCube focuses on revolutionising solids control and with this, the company looks forward to deepening market penetration, Gjesdal added.

With the rise in pad drilling and multiple wells, the MudCube X can be added to existing operations and start delivering value in drilling fluids and waste disposal within a matter of days. Furthermore, as opposed to shakers, the MudCube X processes 100 per cent of the mud, thereby immediately increasing performance with as much as 80 per cent more mud recovered than other technologies. When taking this across a field and hundreds of rigs, the impact on the bottom line and investor returns will be significant.

The MudCube aims to eliminate the traditional process of shaking fluids from the drilled solids with the negative HSE impact. The MudCube uses a combination of high airflow and a rotating screen filtration system to improve separation efficiency, allowing more drilling fluid to be recycled back to the mud tanks and resulting in dryer cuttings and less waste, leading to improved drilling efficiencies, reduced operational costs, improved HSE and working conditions.

Over the last few years – both onshore and offshore – the MudCube has played a vital role in helping operators achieve their goals of reduced costs and increased drilling efficiencies with significant contracts in the North Sea, the Middle East, Asia, South America and the North American land drilling market, where Cubility has developed a major foothold in the US shale.

Some of the major customers include Equinor, Chevron, Hess, Shell, Dong Energy, Maersk Drilling and Saipem.

Cubility will be presenting a full-scale MudCube X live at ONS 2018 in Stavanger, Norway, from 27-30 August 2018.