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SPECTRUM’S EGYPTIAN JOINT venture, Spectrum-Geopex has completed the first phase of a significant computer systems upgrade at its seismic data processing centre in Nasr City, Cairo that will quadruple its seismic processing capacity.

The recently completed first phase of its expansion programme built upon previous upgrades in 2007 to increase the CPU count at its networked computer centre by a further 50 per cent.

A second more significant upgrade also scheduled for the second quarter 2009 will increase the computing power at Spectrum-Geopex to a total of 500 CPUs. Ramy Dia Mahmoud of Spectrum-Geopex commented, "We feel that this is an important step for Spectrum-Geopex.  With this upgrade we can both support Spectrum's worldwide seismic data processing programme, and offer local fast-turnaround services for oil exploration customers in the Middle East." Spectrum-Geopex is also the latest location to upgrade to Globe Claritas software as part of  Spectrum Group's worldwide adoption programme. Claritas improves the range of processing techniques offered to the Group's growing portfolio of international clients, as well as improving efficiency and turnaround. This software upgrade provides the experienced Spectrum-Geopex geophysical team with enhanced seismic processing tools and the latest processing algorithms. Seismic data can be more easily analysed by the company's geotechnical team and also customer geoscientists using highly interactive visualisation. The powerful platform and specially developed software features also improve the Quality Control that can be offered to seismic data processing customers. Completion of the current upgrade programme will enable Spectrum-Geopex to provide their extensive range of 3D seismic data processing and seismic imaging services.