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Searcher, a provider of global multi-client geoscience data, has announced the completion of its multi-phase, multi-client 3D seismic acquisition campaign in the Namibian Orange Basin 

The offshore region of Namibia has garnered significant attention due to the recent deepwater discoveries, thick sedimentary sequences, favourable structural elements and the presence of prolific source rocks of the Orange Basin. Searcher’s campaign, conducted in collaboration with Shearwater and NAMCOR, comprised two separate surveys carried out in phases.

In Phase 1, Searcher successfully acquired 1,700 km2 of 3D seismic within the boundaries of block PEL 85 - a substantial area within the Orange Basin’s most prospective acreage and perhaps today’s most exciting exploration arena on Earth. Fast-Track data has already yielded invaluable insights into geological features and hydrocarbon prospectivity, significantly reducing risk and uncertainty. "We have been astonished by the quality of the Phase 1 imaging even on the early data volumes allowing us to de-risk reservoir, source and multiple traps already," said Neil Hodgson, vice president of geoscience.

Building on this success, Phase 2 required Searcher to mobilise the Shearwater Empress over block PEL 3 to acquire 5,000 sq km of 3D seismic data, marking another crucial milestone in showcasing the full exploration potential of the Orange Basin on a global stage. Phase 2 was specifically designed and executed to image and delineate the reservoir geology of the Kudu gas field, along with other potential plays within the survey area.

With the completion of multi-phase 3D acquisition campaign, Searcher has successfully acquired over 6,700 sq km of 3D seismic data in Namibia during the 2022-2023 season, representing the largest multi-client 3D offering in the entire Orange Basin. These datasets provide a wealth of insights ranging from regional scale understanding, prospect de-risking and field development imaging.

"The successful completion of our Orange Basin 3D seismic campaign reaffirms Searcher’s standing as a leading provider of geoscience data in frontier regions," stated Alan Hopping, managing director of Searcher. 'We take pride in contributing to the advancement of exploration efforts in this promising region and have full confidence that the acquired data will deliver invaluable insights for the industry. At Searcher, we are honoured to have collaborated extensively with our partners and clients, enabling us to deliver cutting-edge geoscience data. By upholding the highest operational standards, we remain steadfast in supporting the quest for new discoveries and development of energy security and independence."

Fast Track data is available now with final products to be completed by Q4 2023.