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ROXAR ASA, A technology solutions provider to the upstream oil and gas industry, has announced the release of Tempest™ 6.5, the latest version of its advanced reservoir simulation software suite.

Tempest™ 6.5 comes with extended parallel processing capabilities and speed improvements in both serial and parallel simulation runs, allowing users to conduct faster simulation runs in greater levels of detail. In addition, Tempest™ 6.5’s licensing costs will allow operators to equip more engineers with full function simulation than they can with other simulators.


Its greater value for money encourages more asset team members to engage in the simulation process. Tempest™ 6.5’s improved visualisation capabilities for the user, including the ability to calculate streamlines for each phase from the simulator results and to develop 3D cross sections, enhanced line graphs and data displays, also ensures that reservoir simulation is accessible to many rather than to just a few, highly specialist reservoir engineers. Benefits include faster and more detailed models, lower costs, and increased productivity