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The latest in a series of PGS surveys offshore Egypt will enable better understanding of shelfal and transform margin potential at the western extremity of Egypt’s offshore area 

EGY24 Nefertiti draws on the expertise of partners EGAS, the Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company, and the outstanding capabilities of PGS’ Ramform fleet and GeoStreamer broadband technology. 

The Ramform Hyperion is acquiring the EGY24 Nefertiti survey, with an efficient high-resolution GeoStreamer spread. Broadband data provides reliable input for accurate imaging of structures.

The survey location is near to the Sidi Barrani-1 well, and target reservoirs in the area are likely to be Sidi Barrani/Alam El Bueib Formation (Barremian age) sandstones and Middle Jurassic Khatatba Formation sandstones within structural traps.

The new dataset is relevant for companies seeking to establish a presence in the area and for existing operators aiming to refine their exploration strategies.

Early out data from the EGY24 Nefertiti survey are expected in late Q2 2024 and final prestack depth migration imaging results are expected before the end of the year.