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Geophysical firm Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) has released new 900 sq km multi-azimuth broadband seismic survey, providing increased resolution and sharper imaging of prolific Upper Cretaceous plays in Côte d'Ivoire block CI-706

andrea ang EjFDR9e8iac unsplashA further 7 000 sq km of GeoStreamer broadband data will be available in July 2020. (Image source: Andrea Ang/Unsplash)

The compnay stated that the recently completed final depth processing has improved illumination of the block, adding a second azimuth to existing GeoStreamer data.

The latest north-south acquisition, which covers the majority of the block, was processed with the underlying east-west-acquired data. The combined azimuths benefit from the GeoStreamer broadband frequency bandwidth and a comprehensive depth imaging flow.

The combination of two data azimuths has resulted in increased resolution of complex faulting in the syn-transform section, to enable a greater understanding of the distribution of Albian sandstone targets hosted in tilted fault blocks.

The imaging of the prolific Upper Cretaceous play is also improved, with a clearer delineation of turbidite channel and fan complexes. Heightened imaging of the geomorphology of stratigraphic pinch-out traps can also reduce the risks associated with hydrocarbon migration and trap integrity.