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IKON SCIENCE’S GEOPRESSURE Technology subsidiary (GPT), along with Sonar, the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), the National Petroleum Resources and the National Petroleum Investments Management Services (NAPIMS) of Nigeria have hosted the inaugural sponsors meeting for the Niger Delta Pressure Study at Victoria Island, Lagos.


"An understanding of the regional pressure regime in any basin is a fundamental requirement to help reduce risk of drilling dry holes as well as safe access to deep reservoir targets," said Professor Richard Swarbrick of GPT.

"The project will also unlock additional exploration potential and improve the ability of operators to predict pressures, thus improving the safety of offshore drilling and we are proud to be involved in such a high profile project with our partners Sonar Ltd and the DPR/NAPIMS. We are sure this study will bring enormous benefits both to the oil companies operating here and also the Nigerian economy as a whole."

This major study is a partnership between DPR, NAPIMS, Sonar and GPT will be carried out at Sonar’s offices in Lagos and will call upon the technical expertise of GPT to develop a comprehensive regional understanding of the pressure regimes across the entire Niger Delta.

The study will be completed in three phases between now and 2013.

Phase one, which comprises the deep and ultra-deep sectors, commenced in April 2010. The entire project was initiated to improve the ability of industry to drill safely for deeper reservoirs, to reduce risk and to generate new prospectivity to unlock the large potential of these areas offshore Nigeria.

Phase one of the study will be underwritten by six Nigerian Oil Companies (Shell, Total Exploration & Production, Chevron, ENI, Addax Petroleum & PetroBras).

These sponsors were all represented at the meeting and are looking forward to contributing their technical ideas to steer the project, as well as benefiting from early access to the results.

This phase will be completed by March 2011 and will be available for purchase to companies operating in Nigeria or considering the high potential of this basin.

"This landmark study on the shores of Nigeria is a significant value add project to all exploration and production stake holders in the Nigerian Oil and Gas industry," said Robert Bakre, Vice Chairman of Sonar.

"What is even more exciting is the local content capacity build that will be achieved through knowledge transfer by our technical partners Ikon/GPT."