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BGP IS CONDUCTING a very complex 2D TZ seismic survey in the Red Sea.

The complicated terrains include populous city and town, muddy beach, shallow water island, coral reef, offshore ports, and areas near offshore oilfield infrastructure. These complex surface conditions present several challenging difficulties for seismic operation such as drilling, air-guns, receiver cable deployment, positioning, and quality control.

In order to tackle the challenges, BGP has formed a series of solutions. For seismic sources, three different types of sources have been used: vibroseis, explosives and air guns. For the recording, both a cable system and a Node system are simultaneously utilized. Three types of sensors, geophones, marsh phones and dual sensors were used in the cable system, while the Node System was deployed at the sea floor in deep water areas (more than 50m deep).

BGP will continuously make its efforts to optimize acquisition quality and productivity of the entire project. Safe and efficient operations and high-quality data have been highly appreciated by the client.