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WARTSILA, THE MARINE industrys leading ship power system integrator, has signed a long term service agreement with Maersk LNG to optimise availability and operational economy.

The agreement includes maintenance planning, condition & performance monitoring, co-ordination and supply of technical services, parts and service work for five 165,000 cm LNG vessels equipped with Wärtsilä 50DF dual-fuel engines over a five year period.
"For Maersk LNG, this service agreement means improved levels of certainty regarding servicing of the main engines on our LNG vessels.
“With this monitoring system in place, maintenance work can be proactive," said Claus H. Thomsen, Director, Maersk LNG. "The contract also guarantees us stable maintenance costs for at least the next five years."
Wärtsilä has extensive experience in providing long-term operational and management services for about 1000 similar engines installed in ships and land-based power plants all over the world.
Shipping is a different market though, which makes it important to create concepts fully adapted to the marine industry.