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The Ministry of Mines and Hydrocarbons of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea has announced on its official Twitter account the signing of a Master Agreement (HOA) on further expansion and development of the Gas Mega Hub 

The signatories of the agreement include GE, Chevron-acquired Noble Energy EG Ltd, and Marathon Oil EG. The tweet also emphasises the government's 'firm commitment' in advancing the Gas Mega Hub project under the leadership of Antonio Oburu Ondó, the Minister of Mines and Hydrocarbons, Equatorial Guinea. Former to his new role, Oburu Ondó was the managing director of GEPetrol, the national oil company of the country.

The concept of Equatorial Guinea's Gas Mega Hub came into being a few years back when an agreement was signed between Marathon Oil, Noble Energy, Atlas Petroleum, Glencore and Gunvor to process stranded gas from the Alen and Aseng gas fields. Plans were also underway to explore cross-border reserves with Cameroon and Nigeria. Recently, the Presidents of Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon signed a bilateral treaty on oil and gas collaborations. That may include monetisation of cross-border hydrocarbon fields such as Yoyo (Cameroon) and Yolanda (Equatorial Guinea), and Cameroon’s Etinde gas field and Equatorial Guinea’s Camen and Diega fields