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With the new Reggane and Touat fields coming on stream, Algerias natural gas export is expected to reach 54 bcm in 2017, which is up from 51 bcm in 2016, according to the state-owned oil and gas company Sonatrach

Reggane and Touat gas fields are located in southern Algeria and are now expected to yield around 9 bcm a year of new gas output in the country, which includes 1.6 bcm from Timimoun, 4.5 bcm from the Touat field and 2.9 bcm from Reggane North field.

In a statement to the Reuters, Hassi Rmel gasfield, Abdelmoumen Ould Kaddour, CEO of Sonatrach, stated that the Isarene field, run by Petroceltic International, will come on stream later.

Timimoun natural gas prject is located between the towns of Timimoun and Adrar in the south-western part of Algeria and run by France’s Total. The Touat field is run by France’s Engie and the Reggane North field was run by Spain's Repsol.

Algeria is third largest gas supplier to Europe. According to the source, the EU officials are planning to improving investment conditions aiming to help a long-term reliability from Algeria. Some of the issues that are casting doubts on future gas exports are past stagnant output, strict terms and rising domestic gas demand for power generation in the country.

During a visit to the Hassi Rmel gasfield, Kaddour said to the source that the country might face difficulties in meeting both the growing domestic demand as well as exporting needs for clients, mainly European markets.

Reporting to the source, he said, “We do have a shortage of 50 mcmd that we need to find somewhere. We have to make deals with EU clients, but the key point remains to have the commodity available.”

He further added that apart from focusing on the European market for export of natural gas, Algeria is also looking for other international marketplaces.

Kaddour furter added that Algeria has been working more flexibly with foreign companies, which have long complained about the country's strict operating terms.