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TSAVO Oilfield Services joins seven major partners across the African continent as a signatory of the Equal by 30 campaign

48907600461 64a0644d1d oThe company aims for approximately 50 per cent representation of women across all levels. (Image source: African Energy Chamber/Flickr)

Elizabeth Rogo, an African woman and the founder and CEO of TSAVO Oilfield Services, said, “It fills me with great joy to join and support the Equal by 30 campaign. I know too well just how vital a role women can play in the energy sector when they seize opportunities and create them, as I have been able to do. I want more women to become involved and to show the next generation that the sky is the limit.”

“As we continue to push for gender diversity and women empowerment, we value the participation of the men in the energy sector who walk with us and support this initiative, including at TSAVO. The inclusion of women in all aspects of the energy sector is at the core of who we are and what we represent,” Rogo added.

To further the aims of Equal by 30, TSAVO commits to the following objectives:

-The company believes in offering a safe, transparent, respectful and inclusive work environment and attractive opportunities for development for all our staff

-It is committed to providing training opportunities to all employees to avoid toxic or misogynistic working environments so that the workplaces are free of harassment, violence and bullying behaviours for all

-As such, the equality principles are embedded in the organisational manual and in its code of conduct, which all employees must abide by and promote internally

-The company is committed to attracting more women in all departments while being aware that there is a shortage of women willing and/or able to perform technical or operations jobs in challenging field conditions. To that end, it commits to nurturing and creating opportunities to encourage girls and women to take up STEM subjects and pursue careers in the energy industry

-It aims for approximately 50 per cent representation of women across all levels - including in the leadership team and at board level, by the year 2030

- It is committed to providing fair compensation and equal pay for work of equal value. It also commits to providing career progression opportunities

-Importantly, TSAVO commits to nurturing the women in its company, so that they may eventually become ambassadors in their field, championing the Equal by 30 Initiative

-Finally, the company commits to encouraging its clients and partners to have a strong, inclusive agenda, which will further facilitate women’s involvement in the energy industry.