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Preparations to commence fracture stimulation are underway. (Image source: TAG Oil)

Noting a smooth exploration and development process in the Badr Oil Field (BED-1), TAG Oil has announced that it has successfully completed the drilling phase for the BED4-T100 horizontal well in the Abu Roash 'F' limestone formation (ARF)

The well has penetrated an over-pressured reservoir with regions of exceptional porosity and permeability. During drilling operations, there have been clear signs of free oil flowing into the wellbore and to surface, accompanied by consistently elevated gas readings across the ARF formation. The high pressure and potentially high gas to oil ratio in the ARF zone are projected to enhance the T100 well’s production capabilities.

Given the notably higher reservoir pressure and gas readings observed during drilling, the company has made the proactive decision to adjust the lateral length to 308 meters (1,000 feet) as a safety measure. It is now focusing on the optimisation of the multistage hydraulic fracture completion design so that the stimulated reservoir volume of the wellbore is maximum. This has led the company to anticipate robust oil production performance following the hydraulic fracture stimulation of the ARF horizontal well.

Preparations for the completion stage, necessary to commence fracture stimulation, are well underway. The 4-1/2” liner with the packers assembly required for the completion has been installed and the drilling rig is in the process of being released. The completion surface equipment and personnel will be mobilised to the T100 well location and stimulation of the well is expected to begin mid-April.