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Okeanus Science & Technology (Okeanus), a provider of oceanographic rental equipment and turnkey survey systems, has announced a new partnership with SeaRobotics Corporation, a leading developer of unmanned marine systems, in a move to make Autonomous Surface Vehicles (ASVs) increasingly available for international rental

The SR-Surveyor M1.8, a man-portable ASV from SeaRobotics’ Surveyor Class, is one of the first additions to Okeanus’ growing portfolio of survey solutions. Its tightly-integrated sensor suite allows operators to simplify survey logistics and optimise data acquisition in shallow and hard-to-navigate waters, making it the complete package for bathymetry, habitat mapping, structure inspection and search and rescue. 

“Offering a comprehensive suite of ASVs for rental provides our customers with the choice and flexibility they need to respond to their end customers with fit-for-purpose proposals,” said Okeanus managing director Benton LeBlanc. “Time and again, we get requests from survey teams looking to lease breakthrough technology, like the SR-Surveyor M1.8, for very specific tasks that demand rapid mobilisation and the highest-quality data.” 

The SR-Surveyor M1.8’s payload comes with a multibeam echosounder and Velodyne Puck LiDAR as standard, meaning that operators can capture a 360-degree view of all data points when inspecting coastal infrastructure, such as near-shore pipelines, bridges, piers, and underwater rigs.