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Digitalisation in the African Oil & Gas sector. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

As the world focuses on sustainability, oil and gas operators are finding innovative ways to maximise yield and minimise environmental impact

Digitalisation continues to be one of the most efficient ways to overcome the operational challenges associated with achieving these objectives. From airborne surveys to process automation to digital oilfield technologies, tech providers are presenting an array of choices for operators. 

Our upcoming report on Digitalisation in the African Oil & Gas sector will shed light on some of these ground-breaking efforts in the region.

With an up-close analytical approach, the report will be exploring the following topics: 

Embracing digitalisation: Digitalisation is the key for operators to optimise operations and achieve cost efficiency, while also limiting environmental adversities. 

Sustainable solutions: An in-depth look at how operators in Africa are navigating the global challenges of climate change and meeting energy security needs.

Innovative technologies: From production optimisation to emissions reduction, discover the latest digital advancements and disruptive solutions in the African oil and gas industry

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