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The Government will be providing a total of 10,145 linear kilometres of 2D seismic data. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

The Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar and the Ministry of Blue Economy and Fisheries have launched the country’s first Licensing Round, which invites bids for eight blocks that add up to 31,883 sq km 

The President of Zanzibar and the Chairman of Revolutionary Council Hussein Ali Mwinyi introduced the Licensing Round with Shaaban Ali Othman, Minister for Blue Economy and Fisheries in the presence of other esteemed dignitaries and more than 400 delegates.

As part of a five-year exploration road map, large frontier area blocks, situated offshore to the east of the Unguja and Pemba Islands within water depths between 500 m and 3,000 m, are being offered. The first round will include Block 1-A, Block 1-B, Block 1-C, Block 1-D, Block 1-E, Block 1-F, Block 1-G, and Block 1-H.

Revealing seismic data

In partnership with SLB, the Ministry of Blue Economy and Fisheries will be providing a total of 10,145 linear kilometres of 2D seismic data that reveal encouraging information regarding the blocks.

Speaking on Zanzibar's exploration prospects, Ali Mwinyi said, “On behalf of the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar, I am delighted to welcome investors to take advantage of the enormous opportunities available in our country.”

Highlighting the flexibility of the offers, Ali Othman said, “I would like to assure the exploration and production companies and investors that our doors are open.

“We are looking forward to your engagement with the Ministry of Blue Economy and Fisheries and our regulator, Zanzibar Petroleum Regulatory Authority.”

Zanzibar Petroleum Regulatory Authority managing director, Adam Abdulla Makame, noted, “In order to ensure its statutory roles are undertaken in a safe, healthy and adherence to good environmental practices and in the end deliver maximum benefits to the Zanzibaris, ZPRA continues committed to ensure a conducive environment for investors. We welcome potential industry partners to reach out to Zanzibar’s regulator to engage in discussions.”