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The Beni Malek-2 well ('BMK-2') is located in the Gharb Occidental (Centre) permit. (Image source: SDX Energy)

SDX Energy has started drilling the Beni Malek-2 well (BMK-2) in the Rharb Basin, Morocco, approximately 1.5km from the BMK-1 discovery well

A 3D seismic survey has revealed three stacked reservoirs in the Guebbas formation, which the company will be targeting while drilling the BMK-2 well up to 1,470 metres.

This comes after the KSR-21 well was successfully drilled in September 2023 and is part of an ongoing drilling campaign in Morocco. If BMK-2 is a success, the well will be completed and tied-in for production soon after, to supplement existing production and, in particular, provide to CITIC Dicastal, which is the company's largest offtaker and has an immediate and increasing demand for SDX's gas.

In Morocco, the company is the sole independent gas producer and has ambitions to be a major gas producer and works closely with its partner, Office National des Hydrocarbures et des Mines (ONHYM) on all aspects of development and production. The gas from SDX's wells is sold to multiple offtakers in the Kenitra industrial area.