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The Republic of Congo reaffirms its steadfast commitment to the strategic policy defined by the Secretary-General of OPEC and OPEC+ 

Stabilising and promoting sustainable development of the oil markets is a crucial approach for the future of the country's sector and the global economy, Bruno Itoua, Minister of Hydrocarbons for the Republic of Congo has communicated with the African Energy Chamber.

“Furthermore, the Republic of Congo highlights the remarkable harmony prevailing among the members of the OPEC and OPEC+ Ministerial Conference. This harmony reflects our common commitment and shared willingness to work together for mutually beneficial goals.

"The Republic of Congo is committed to continuing close and constructive collaboration with all member countries. We are determined to foster initiatives that serve the collective interest of the oil industry, while positively contributing to overall economic well-being. We reiterate our firm support for unity and cohesion at the heart of OPEC and OPEC+, where each member, whether African or not, plays an indispensable role in achieving our shared objectives and in maintaining the balance of the global oil market.

"Our collaboration transcends borders and continents, reflecting our common commitment to a more stable and prosperous energy future. With respect and determination, the Republic of Congo continues to actively engage in this global partnership, thereby helping to shape a sustainable energy future for all.”