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Panoro Energy has announced that the Hibiscus South well (DHBSM-1) has made a commercial oil discovery on the Dussafu Marin Permit offshore Gabon (Panoro Energy 17.5% working interest) 

Hibiscus South is located approximately 5 kms south-west of the BW Mabomo production platform from where the well was drilled to a total depth of 6,002 m by the Borr Norve jack-up drilling rig. Evaluation of well log data and sample analysis confirms that the well intersected approximately 20 m of oil pay in an overall hydrocarbon column of approximately 26.5 m in the regionally prolific Gamba formation which is productive at the Tortue and Hibiscus fields elsewhere on the block. The partners plan to return to the well to complete it as a production well in early 2024.

Preliminary estimates of recoverable volumes at Hibiscus South are 6-7 mn barrels of oil and in line with pre-drill expectations of approximately 16 mn barrels of oil in place / 7 mn barrels recoverable.

John Hamilton, CEO of Panoro, commented, “The Hibiscus South discovery underscores the substantial organic upside potential that exists on the Dussafu Marin Permit offshore Gabon and is the sixth oil discovery to be made on the block under Panoro’s participation, representing an 86% success rate in the Gamba reservoir. In line with our infrastructure-led exploration and appraisal strategy we will leverage the existing production infrastructure nearby to rapidly develop these new high-margin barrels cost effectively as part of the current campaign.”