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As countries across Africa seeks to diversify its energy sources, gas will continue to play an important role in powering homes, businesses and industries

For South Africa, gas is among the multiple fuels pushed by the Department of Energy to achieve energy security, along with coal, renewables and nuclear.

“Governments are realising that no one technology provides the long term power solution they need to support economic growth and job skills creation,” said Webb Meko, Business Development Director, Sub-Saharan Africa, Black & Veatch.

In Kenya, there are plans to increase gas-fired power generation, as well as baseload coal plants. This is in addition to continuing geothermal, solar and wind power projects, while also adding off-grid renewable solutions to boost electricity access.

While Ghana is benefiting from hydro and thermal energy sources, as well as looking into renewables and nuclear power for the future, the country’s oil and gas reserves will continue to play a role in the country’s energy mix. 

Access to finance and an attractive investment climate are also important for energy projects across Africa.

“Regardless of technology, investors are looking for bankable projects that are well developed and delivered by experienced consultants and engineering and construction providers,” said Meko. “Proven project development methods, tighter planning, globally accepted delivery models, and strong project controls give assurance that projects will be completed in a timely and cost competitive manner – and offer solid returns.”