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Saipem has launched BluenzymeTM, an innovative pre-engineered line of CO2 capture solutions based on the proprietary enzymatic technology CO2 Solutions by SAIPEM, with the release of the first industrialised product, BluenzymeTM 200, a ready-to-use package aimed at small and medium emitters, which has a nominal capture capacity of 200 tonnes of CO2 per day 

The 'CO2 Solutions by SAIPEM' technology that characterises how BluenzymeTM works, uses a non-toxic, non-volatile solvent based on the use of the carbonic anhydrase enzyme, the most powerful natural catalyst for the capture of carbon dioxide, which is naturally present in the human body and in all living organisms for the organic exchange of CO2 during respiration. After an in-depth analysis of how this natural enzyme works, Saipem developed a high-performance industrial solution for CO2 capture that is more environmentally sustainable than traditional processes, and more cost-effective. This is possible because the technology is suitable for the use of recoverable heat from low temperature sources.

BluenzymeTM is a plug-and-play system designed for different industrial sectors including oil & gas, petrochemicals, energy and cement production, and, in general, for hard-to-abate sectors whose decarbonisation represents an important milestone and challenge for the achievement of carbon neutrality targets. The product is applied to post-combustion emissions from new or existing plants.

BluenzymeTM is a modular and flexible product, easily adaptable to any plant thanks to its compact design. The modules are manufactured offsite, with standardised production processes and stringent quality controls, and are then installed on-site. This modular approach and the adoption of a dedicated supply chain reduce project execution time, costs, and risks, making BluenzymeTM a cost-effective, sustainable, and rapidly available industrial solution.

Fabrizio Botta, chief commercial officer at Saipem, commented, "We are proud to be able to offer our customers the BluenzymeTM 200 solution, an off-the-shelf product based on proprietary technology that is the result of our relentless commitment to research and development of increasingly flexible, efficient and sustainable solutions. BluenzymeTM200 represents a concrete solution to allow companies to reach their ESG goals and move closer to the target of a zero-carbon future that Saipem is striving to achieve."