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While keeping the petroleum portfolio for himself, Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari has appointed Timipre Silva as the minister of state for petroleum

As a former governor of the Bayelsa State, in the core Niger Delta region, Timipre Silva understands the core issues affecting Nigeria’s oil and gas sector, the call for better revenue management and distribution and the need for increased community involvement across Nigeria’s key oil regions.

Having previously served as a special assistant to a Minister of Petroleum, Timipre Silva has demonstrated a vast experience and understanding of Nigeria, African and international energy dynamics.

“The appointment of a well-versed former Governor with a demonstrated ability to work with different parties and a good understanding of the oil sector is a clear sign that Nigeria is serious about continuing its pace of reforms,” declared Nj Ayuk, executive chairman at the chamber and CEO of the Centurion Law Group.

“Africa’s biggest oil producer needs such an experienced figure to lead the industry and our continent into new heights,” Ayuk added.

The African Energy Chamber has congratulated Timipre Silva on behalf of all its partners and will continue to work closely with the Department of Petroleum Resources to pursue local content development, support the regionalisation of Nigerian oil and services companies and assist any foreign investors seeking to do business in Nigeria.