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Bryan Eiseb, Executive Director of Namibia's Ministry of Mines and Energy. (Image source: Energy Capital & Power)

As Namibia prioritises an integrated hydrocarbon strategy to bring in foreign investments, the executive director of the country's Ministry of Mines and Energy, Bryan Eiseb elaborated more on what approaches are being considered, while speaking to a media outlet

Speaking on its integrated hydrocarbon strategy, Eiseb said, "Namibia’s desire to monetise offshore oil and gas resources, as well as its commitment to achieving net-zero emissions, can best be achieved through a policy framework that balances both objectives. The Ministry of Mines and Energy is therefore driving an integrated hydrocarbon strategy, incorporating both ambitions to achieve first oil with efforts to transition to a cleaner energy future." He is defining the agenda as a standard for a 'diversified energy mix in Africa' and a testament to stability for global investment. 

The Minister said that Namibia's main priorities between now and 2030 is to balance out the hydrocarbon strategy, with first achieving oil and getting large-scale green hydrogen projects started. Upstream regions will be actively promoted for long-term investment prospects, banking on the country's several offshore and onshore basins. The government is aiming to bring these plans to reaility through a new regulatory framework that will include competitive, investor-friendly terms. 

Speaking of Namibia's potential as a regional green hydrogen hub, Eiseb said, "The country has been identified as a globally-leading green hydrogen market owing to its considerable, co-located renewable energy resources. In partnership with leading companies, the country is making progress with the development of the country’s largest green hydrogen project: a US$10bn- facility equipped with a 3 GW electrolyser fed by 7 GW of wind and solar energy. The government recently approved the Feasibility and Implementation Agreement, and our priority will be providing the support needed to see this development, as well as others in this field, to fruition."