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Jotun, a protective coatings provider, is launching TankFast, a range of tank linings formulated to allow tanks to return to service quicker than ever before, with chemical resistance capabilities in refinery, petrochemical and chemical industry

bluec 56941020460TankFast consists of a range of tailored products such as Tankguard SF and Tankguard Plus. (Image source: Jotun)

Miles Buckhurst, global concept director - HPI, Jotun, said, “To optimise earnings our customers need to ensure tanks are fully operational. Even with spare tanks, storage and transportation flexibility and profit potential are diminished when one or more have to be taken out of service.”

“At Jotun, we have recognised that the industry needs to keep tanks in service, and our answer is TankFast, allowing tanks to return to service faster than ever before while retaining the optimal level of protection.”

TankFast consists of a range of specially tailored products, such as Tankguard SF, allowing for wet-on-wet application, and Tankguard Plus, allowing for up to 50 per cent faster paint application and curing – giving significantly shorter shutdowns, getting tanks back into service quicker than ever before.

Michelle C. Ystad Eriksen, global marketing manager at HPI, added, “If we consider, for example, a large refinery with a capacity of 400 000 bpd – if that has the possibility to return tanks to operation after two days instead of a week then it can refine an additional 324mn litres of crude oil. This is the power of TankFast.

“It demonstrates that the choice of tank linings isn’t simply a maintenance issue, it’s a core business decision, with real impact on bottom lines.”