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Smart procurement specialists Craig International is launching a sustainable approach to sourcing and supplying oilfield products and services that could have a major impact on reducing the carbon footprint of the oil and gas industry

Ecobuy is Craig International’s response to the increasing pressure for more responsible and sustainable industry practices. This new service, being launched at Offshore Europe, will offer customers the option to buy more environmentally friendly and less wasteful products, as well as limiting the number of journeys by vehicles and vessels in the delivery of these.

Oilfield procurement specialists source and supply millions of consumable products, equipment and services to around 75 per cent of the assets in the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) every year. They believe that ecobuy can have a significant impact on the environment by using less disposable materials, including plastics, and less fuel while increasing the number of products that can be reused and recycled.

Under ecobuy, the company can combine orders and deliveries, which will reduce the number of vehicle journeys, especially HGVs.

Steve McHardy, joint managing director of the company, explained, “At Craig International, we pioneered smart procurement for the oil and gas industry, with our electronic platforms – ebuy and SmartBuyer.

“We’re adapting our working methods and choosing more sustainable options wherever we can. In our own business, we’re reducing our carbon footprint and reducing waste in our offices, stores, vehicles and working patterns. We can also have a huge impact by influencing our partners, suppliers and customers.

“We source millions of items every year and, by actively engaging with suppliers to fulfil their environmental responsibilities and working with oil majors, we can deliver sustainable product options.

“For us to make a real difference, we need our suppliers and customers to buy into this approach so that we can combine orders and deliveries and drive down the cost of more environmentally-friendly products through bulk-buying.”