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Alzare, the go-to energy hub, brings together the three main arms of the energy industry – companies, lenders (capital providers) and employees – to improve deficiencies in the provision of oilfield and energy services

According to Alzare, technology is defined as technique, a new way of doing things. Alzare aims to bring the ‘new way of doing things’ in the energy industry: the new way to transact, the new way to provide and obtain services, the new way to provide and obtain products.

Challenges facing the energy industry 

Six main factors impact the global energy market today: 

1. Market Monopoly or unequal playing fields due to inaccessibility and costliness of opportunities

2. Energy Transition to renewable sources and demand for skilled talents, services, and technologies

3. Energy Consumption that is expected to increase 25% by 2050, yet it is estimated that 50% of the qualified energy workforce will retire in the next 5 years, leaving a considerable talent gap

4. The Economic Downturn since 2014 that has resulted in professionals and businesses losing out

5. The Pandemic where the impact has seen hundreds of thousands of energy professionals laid-off, and businesses closed

6. The Social Impact that has negatively impacted communities.

Solution: An online central energy hub 

A full-service digital platform, Alzare connects energy clients (service seekers) with energy Professionals (service providers [individuals and businesses]) to facilitate the provision of products, services and solutions cost-effectively.

By bringing together the three main arms of the energy industry, Alzare is set to level the playing field, create large-scale employment and help individuals and businesses establish a visible and active brand.